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Benefits of Hiring a Buyers Agent

So, you're looking to purchase a property, and are in the early stages of starting the process. It's bound to get overwhelming when you look at the tasks, the checklists and of course, the relentless list of musts and wants, figuring out your timeline and knowing what you can afford.

Firstly, congratulations! This is a very big and important life step and one of the largest purchases you will make in your life, if not THE. It's vital to be mentally ready for the commitment of becoming a home owner, and it's imperative to be as educated and informed as possible.

Not only do you deserve an agent to walk you through this exciting and emotional process, you require one to handle the ups and (sometimes) downs that come with figuring out where you should purchase, how much you can afford, how much you should offer, and all the little things in between. You deserve someone that will vouch for your best interests and be committed to finding you a great home for a great price. Here's my 10 Reasons Why You Need an Exclusive Buyers Agent:

1) Buyer Representation: as your exclusive buyer's rep, I am fulfilling my duty to provide you the best service available in the home buying process. Everything including (but not limited to): - Being available always to answer all your questions and concerns

- Unlimited meetings and phone call correspondence

- Listening to all your needs and wants and offering advice when I can

- Setting you up on an auto-search based on your criteria

- Being available to show properties of interest to you at any time

- Providing information including past listing history and sales prices on any property of interest

- Providing detailed market data on specific areas/communities, in any sector of the market that will help you make an educated offer price based on a variety of factors

- Offer a multitude of buyer protection conditions and terms in purchase contracts

- Offer unbiased recommendations for industry professionals that you may need now or down the road

- Be with you every step of the way from offering, purchase contract submission, 24-hour walk-through, possession day, and beyond!

- Regular check-ins as you settle into your new home!

2) My priority is your happiness: I am hired for one reason- to help you! That is my priority and I will do anything and everything in my power to ensure your home buying experience is exciting and thrilling, as it should be!

3) Unbiased market knowledge: It's imperative for me that my clients know the current market conditions and average selling prices in the areas of interest. I will be completely transparent with my thoughts on the list price of any property we view. Not only does this contribute to what we ultimately offer first hand on the home, but it makes you aware as a consumer the price over a certain amount of time- all vital in the process of becoming a home owner and anticipating whats to come. Of course, no one can predict the future, but we can prepare ourselves for whats to come. Ignorance is not bliss!

4) Available at the ready! See a home that just popped up on market today? I am an advocate to view it as soon as possible. I put your needs above all, and am proactive in doing whatever I can to make sure you get the home of your dreams (especially if that entails last minute showings). If you love it the minute you see it, chances are, others do too. Lets be the first people to view it!

5) Referrals: Once you start viewing properties, seeing what you can get for your budget, things are bound to pop up that needs fixing or updating. Need a reputable home inspector? I got you! What about trades for some imminent home renovations? I have them! Everything from roofing companies, to general handy-men, interior designers to real estate lawyers, I can refer you to the best of the best. Who you work with defines your experience, so work with someone that has other people just like you vouching for them!

6) Buffers: Of course, purchasing a home is an emotional experience. Having a buyers agent can buffer those emotions between you and the sellers agent. I am your advocate and will provide assistance and guidance based on your priorities and goals.

7) Down to the wire: Purchase contracts all have time constraints and deadlines, not only for sense of urgency, but for accountability. I'm here to make sure you know what to do, when to do it and have plenty of time to spare. I'm your stress sponge, so to speak! :)

8) Contracts! Inserting clauses and extra terms to protect you as a buyer is what I am here for. 24 hour walk-throughs, condo document reviews, RPR and land title reviews with your lawyer, there are a multitude of ways to protect you as a buyer, all in the form of small print!

9) There with you every step of the way: I will be there, through thick and thin. If you need information, advice, a shoulder to lean on, or if you're just wanting to chat over coffee!

10) It's of no cost to you! Yes, that's right. Having a buyers representative helping you purchasing a home doesn't cost you a penny. Those fees are covered by the listing agent, not you (the buyer).

As always, I am here to answer any questions. Feel free to drop me a line, anytime!

Photo Credit: Sue Moodie Photography

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